Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Yuan Hengli Money Shop, 3 diao


Yuan Hengli Money Shop, 3 diao

Yuan Hengli Money Shop, 3 diao
3 strings (diao) payable in value 10 struck copper coins
This is an unissued exchange note of 元亨利 Yuan Hengli Money Shop.
Top inscription: 歷邑東北鄉李官莊 @ me at    damubn@gmail.com
Printed obviously in the early years of the Republic.
Denomination is given as 3 strings payable in "value 10" struck copper coins at the rate "98". The Inscription in green color given at the bottom of the note says
"Altogether 147 pc. "value 10" coins" (
計銅元壹百四十七枚) what exactly fits to the method of the calculation of the cash coins used in Manchuria (東錢). Other denominations (1 diao and 5 diao) are also known for this money shop, I only saw unissued ones.
This bank opened one or more branches in India during World War II. The Chinese capital was moved to Chungking during the war and the only communication China had to the outside world was through IndiaU.S. troops and equipment came to China through India, and Chinese troops were trained by Americans in India. The Chinese troops there were paid with Indian silver coins so the Chinese government had to have banking facilities inIndia."

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