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Admiral Perry’s expedition to JAPAN

Admiral Perry’s expedition to JAPAN

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Admiral Perry’s expedition brought a camera to Japan in 1853. Admiral Perry of the United States arrived with his warships in Japan in 1853 (after the US informed the Japanese, through the Dutch in 1852 that they would be arriving the next year). Between 1852 and 1853, before Admiral Perry’s arrival in Japan, there had been many articles written in American and European newspapers speculating on what effect his arrival would have on potential trade with Japan. The London Times, most notable, wrote a major article on this topic in 1852. Admiral Perry’s arrival was not unexpected, as is often mis-published. Admiral Perry’s photographer took an estimated 100 photographs in Japan in 1853 and brought these photographs back to America. Sadly, in 1857, the Washington warehouse where the photographs were stored, burnt to the ground and the photographs are said to have been lost. However, before this historically tragic event occurred, etchings of Japan were made from the photographs and published in a special report to Congress in 1856 and 1857. It should be noted that at that time, a method of printing photographs in a book had still not been developed so that all photographs had to be published in etched format. It is this writers belief that it is possible that an original photograph of Admiral Perry’s visit to Japan could still exist. Perhaps a member of the expeditions family has one or perhaps a photograph might have been given by Perry to the Japanese delegation
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