Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Plan of a bank of Bengal,half note 1853 sicca rupees 20

" Plan of a bank of Bengal  "
 was a lengthy Minute of some 76 numbered paragraphs setting forth the lines 
upon which it was suggested to create a permanent Banking Institution, Bank of Bengal banknote with signature,indian banknote, musham damodhar rao, story of bank of bengal 

documents history,Bank of Bengal 
HALF NOTE FOR SALE, BLACK PENNY,Plan of a bank of Bengal.

should the Hon'ble the Directors of the East India Company see fit 
to sanction its initiation with their august approval. It was intended, and it so eventually transpired, that the Bank of Calcutta should be a purely provisional arrangement until such time as a reply could be 
received from the Directorate of the Hon'ble East India Company, 
and that, if such were favourable, a permanent structure should be erected on the provisional basis thereby prepared. The writer has picked out a few of the most interesting characteristics of the " Plan of a Bank" and details them below in next coming blog posts 

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