Monday, July 29, 2013

World’s first postage stamp in Damodar’s collection

Historian Musham Damodhar Rao with some rare telephone bills issued during Nizam’s tenure. 

World’s first postage stamp in Damodar’s collection

World’s first postage stamp among other items in Damodar’s collection
‘Black Penny’, world’s first postage stamp issued in Britain in 1840, royal documents, letters,firmans proclaimed during Aurangazeb’s time and a record pertaining to what could be one of the earliest MNCs of India — Bank of Bengal — form part of an invaluable collection of historic items belonging to 51-year-old Musham Damodar Rao, a businessman-turned epigraphist.

A visit to a philately exhibition 30 years ago aroused curiosity in Mr. Rao. Driven by the passion, he started collecting stamps, and along with their accumulation, turned his attention to coins, currency notes, documents and postal covers which were censored during World War I before delivering to the addressee. The total number of stamps runs into 50,000 to 60,000, including 3,000 of 100 princely States.

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