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satavahanas first telangana bhuddist rulers from karimnagar region

satavahanas first telangana bhuddist rulers from karimnagar region
Published On : March 14th, 2009 Updated at : March 14th, 2009
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The Satavahanas ruled a large and powerful empire that withstood the onslaughts from Central Asia. Aside from their military power, their commercialism and naval activity is evidenced by establishment of Indian colonies in southeast Asia for the first time in history

There are divergent views regarding the starting period of the Satavahana chronology and the total duration of the dynasty. According to D. R. Bhandarkar the Satavahana rule commenced in the 6 th or 5 th century B.C. But other scholars did not accept this view. Dr. M. Rama Rao held the view that the Satavahanas flourished between 221A.D

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