Sunday, June 6, 2010

flat wall type front for AEROPLANE,Rustproof Ironpillar of 400AD

flat wall type front for AEROPLANE,Rustproof Ironpillar of 400AD

See flat wall type front for AEROPLANE,Rustproof Ironpillar of 400AD;MY hobbiesPhilately, Numismatics,Epigraphy,Ancient Science,Pyretics,Metallurgy,Astronomy,Vaastu,Mathematics,geography,Mythology,ancient coins, gods,Telugu cinema,HISTORY OF Playing Cards. Stamps. Coins, Currency notes ,HISTORY OF BANKING ,Rulers,India,Sciences,vedic literature,echo sound,Forts,Hyderabad.BHUDDHISM,SOUTH INDIA,satavahana,Coins of BHUDDHA,Banking,BANK OF BENGAL,TEMPLES,ANDHRA,WONDERS, radio DXING collect QSLcards,history of handloom textiles,Islamic science from QURAN and others texts of 10 Century AD

後悔される革新、inconveinence の下の 場所。

watermachine bow shooting as by arjuna,FUNNY here KRISHNA shoots arrow seeing in water,Hally comet described in hidu astronomical textbooks,bhutan vastu,ASHWAGHOSA in combodian stamp,Egyptian link with indian scriptures,son the list goes on here are the proofs on official govt issued postal stamps,which no one can challenge.KRISHNA SHOOTING MATYSAYANTRA ANY ONE CAN BELIEVE,YES SEE IT ON THE STAMP OF INDIAN POSTS.
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